Product Introduction

Spring / Pipe Hangers and Supports Are Commonly Used To Compensate The Variation Of Load On Pipe As Well As To Compensate The Expansion Of The Material Due To Temperature Gradient/Load, In Both Directions I.E. Mainly Vertical And Horizontal.

Importance About Pipe Support
  • Nowadays, most power plants have been designed to operate under creep temperature and supercritical pressure in order to increase the thermal efficiency of the used fuel. And the larger capacity is a preference in this industry due to the limitation of proposed sites, which also increase the thermal efficiency.
  • Moreover, the variable-load operations of the thermal power plant are in vogue in order to follow the variable need of the electric power and save the fuel.
  • The above technological tendencies for the power plants - high temperature and pressure, large size, and variable load operations - have an effect on the pipe supports technology.

According to the specific application of industry, spring/pipe hangers and supports are divided in the various product broad the spring/pipe hangers and supports can be divided according to the types of loading and thermal moment.

Rigid Hanger - Less or negligible thermal moments
Variable Hanger - Medium thermal moments
Constant Hanger - Larger thermal moment with Constant load

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