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Spring/Pipe Supports & Hangers are commonly used to compensate the variation of toad on pipe as welt as to compensate the expansion of the material due to temperature gradient, in all directions i.e. Lateral, linear and vertical. According to the specific application of industry,Spring/Pipe Supports & Hangers are divided in the various product varieties. In broad the Spring / Pipe Hangers and Supports can be divided according to the types of loading and thermal moment.

  • Rigid Hanger - Less Or Negligible Thermal Moments
  • Variable Hanger - Medium Thermal Moments
  • Constant Hanger Larger thermal moment with Constant load

Each of the above types Hangers I Supports are further divided into various types of model according to the application as well as Client specific requirements as below.

Manufacturing & Supplying Customized Structural Steel items like Angle(ISA), Channel(ISMC), Beam(ISMB), Plates and many other structural items in Finish Paint Condition or HDG condition, which are basically utilized in Power Plant Structure for resting pipe line & many other specific application.

In addition to the Pre Fabricated Structure Procyon having sufficient manufacturing facility for Customize Critical Fabrication which are basically utilized in the power plant/chemical/agrochemical industries for various application.

In Addition to PROCYON Standard Product Range as Mentioned Above, Specialized Supports/Product has been Designed and Supplied to our Most Valuable Clients in OIL & Gas,Petrochemicals,Fertilizer and Chemical sector as Mentioned Below.

With the help of more than 10 year fabrication experience of shop floor Team and adequate welding qualification record, Our team has been qualified  for the fabrication of 30 meter long Skid frame. With the use of existing in-house infrastructure & team organization, we successfully completed multiple job of Skid Frame Fabrication of our valuable client during 2018 to 2019.

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