Field Engineering Services

Brief Scope of Work at Site during Audit

  • Visual & Dimensional Inspection for checking the physical condition/health of supports with detail observation by Expert/Engineer and preparing inspection report for further action.
  • Checking actual cold setting/reading of all approachable installed spring hangers & supports.Comparison table/chart should prepared & submitted to client for actual cold load reading and design cold load data as per the manufacturer technical data sheet.
  • Whenever possible Cold load setting to be perform at site with necessary tooling & manpower as per actual reading & design data comparison. Client has to provide the necessary tooling and manpower on free of cost for the cold load setting at site.
  • If required, Load Calibration to be perform for critical supports at Procyon works on urgent basis at an extra charge.
  • One to one replacement by Revers engineering tool of damage or non-working spring hangers & supports, which having no more technical data available in record for further action.
  • Providing technical Supervision during Shutdown, Erection & Maintenance for any type of Spring Hangers & supports at client site by Expert/Engineer/Technician as per requirements.

Re-Calibration Job

Hanger type variable spring support checked at site during hot position, found spring load indicator at extreme position below cold marking. Also spring found in fully compressed condition and lower attachment of the support in misalignment with main steam pipe line.

Value Addition & Maintenance Job

Sliding support found in misalignment position with respect to pipe, due to linear as well as lateral expansion of the main steam pipe line from cold to hot load. Also found improper material selection in respect with operating temperature of Main steam pipe line.

Load Setting & Maintenance Job

Bottom mounted variable spring support checked at site, during hot condition found fabricated pipe shoe not in contact with top loaded load flange of the spring support. Also total deflection found to be more than design of spring, which shown on name plate.

Reverse Engineering Job

Bottom mounted constant spring support checked at site during cold condition. During inspection observed overall condition of support in fully corroded. including spring cover, spring, side stud, nuts, etc. Spring also in non-working condition due to heavy rust. With the help of reverse engineering tool, load data generated for one to one replacement.

Re-Calibration & Maintenance Job

Top loaded constant spring hanger support checked at site during hot condition, found spring casing cover, partially filled with rain water. Approx. 30% spring, filled with rain water and load indicator deviate from hot position marking. Immediate action taken for drilling hole at the lower side of casing cover to remove rain water.

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