Design Standard

PROCYON Techno Industry incorporates following list of Standards with their Standards Codes of Practice during various process like: Material & Support Selection, Designing, Manufacturing & Testing of Spring/Pipe hangers supports & spares by Approved rate of techniques.

MSS SP-58 Pipe Hangers & Supports Materials, Design & Manufacturing.
MSS SP-69 Pipe Hangers & Supports Selection & Application.
MSS SP 77 Guideline for pipe support contractual relationship .
MSS SP 89 Pipe Hangers & Supports –Fabrication & Installation Practices.
BS 1726-Part-I Guide For The Design of Helical Compression Springs.
ASTM A125 Helical compression Spring made of round wire & rod.
BS 3974 Part-I, II, & III Pipe Supports & Ancillaries.

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